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This service provides you the unlock code for your device within 72 hours! Usually takes 24 hours to complete on average but we always ask up to 72 hours just in case there are any rare delays.

It's safe, permanent & guaranteed!

If we can't provide you the unlock code for your device:

You get your money back!

Service Working Days:

Monday - Friday: Online

Saturday & Sunday: Offline

Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed until Monday.

DISCLAIMER: Please be sure the device is asking for a "Network Unlock Code" when you insert a SIM Card not belonging to AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum or Xfinity. If the device does NOT ask for a "Network Unlock Code", please do not purchase this service as the unlock code is not needed & we will deny any refunds for such cases.


How do you unlock your Samsung phone?

It all depends on your phone model & the carrier:

AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum & Xfinity Carriers:

For devices locked to AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum or Xfinity, you may insert a SIM Card not belonging to AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum or Xfinity (also known as an "Invalid Sim Card") & check whether your device prompts for a "Network Unlock Code" (also known as an unlock code). If your device does ask for an Unlock Code, then our service will provide you the code being requested by the device within 72 hours, usually takes 24 hours on average however on some rare cases codes may take up to 72 hours.

T-Mobile & Metro PCS Carriers:

Phones released on or after August 2014 require the phones to be unlocked via their "Device Unlock App" respectively. Meaning, unlock codes will NOT unlock your device since the device does NOT prompt an unlock code. This service can be read more in details by clicking the link below:

Learn how to unlock your phone from T-Mobile or Metro PCS by clicking here

Sprint, Boost Mobile & Verizon Carriers:

Sprint & Boost Mobile devices can only be unlocked remotely if they were released anywhere on or after April 2014.

As for Verizon phones, if your phone was released before December 2018, there is a good chance your phone already comes unlocked. Anywhere from 2019 or newer will require your phone to be unlocked remotely.

Learn how to unlock your Samsung phone from Sprint, Boost Mobile or Verizon remotely by clicking here

How does it work?

Before you purchase an Unlock Code, be sure your device prompts an unlock code. To do this, you must insert a SIM Card that does not belong to the carrier your device is currently locked to. In this case, your device must be from AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum or Xfinity. Any SIM Card that is not from AT&T, Cricket, Spectrum or Xfinity will be considered an "Invalid SIM Card" from the device. Once an Invalid SIM Card is inserted the device will automatically prompt you for a "Network Unlock Code", which will be provided to you through an email once your purchase has been completed. Enter the unlock code & your device will prompt a message displaying "Network Unlock Successful" & with that your device will be permanently unlocked!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my phone is not asking for an unlock code?

If your phone does not ask for an unlock code, we advise you do NOT purchase a unlock code service. Usually the latest models of Cricket now have something called a "Device Unlock App", in which case a unlock code is rendered useless. 

Does the invalid sim card need to be active?

The Invalid SIM Card does not need to be active or have an active line with any carrier. The sole purpose of the sim card is to have the phone prompt the message to enter the unlock code, after that you will not need the invalid sim card anymore.

What if I don't have an invalid sim card?

If you do not have an invalid sim card we suggest you borrow one from a friend or relative & just use it to enter the unlock code on the phone. Once the unlock code is entered & phone is unlocked you can give the SIM Card back, entering the unlock code takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.

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