Servicing my phone, how does it work?

Remote Connection

Remote Connections allow us to service your device from your home! To do this, we require the following:

1) Stable Internet Connection (25MB Download Minimum)
2) Windows Computer (Only Windows OS is supported)
3) USB Cable (To Connect Your Phone To Your Computer)
4) Your Computer Detects your phone properly

Once you are ready, we can start servicing your device from anywhere in the world. We do this by running a software called USB Redirector Technician Edition on your windows computer, it will then prompt a Technician Address which can only be obtained on our Live Chat (located on the bottom right hand side of our website). Once we provide you with the technician address & you connect to us, we begin servicing your phone & within minutes your phone will be ready to go!

Remote Connection Time Frame

Usually our services are rendered within 20 minutes, however, there are rare occasions when the process may take up to 72 hours to complete. If this ever occurs, you will need to power OFF your device & wait for us to send you a message to finalize the procedure. Once a device is being processed, there are no cancellations or refunds before a 96 Hours grace period. We do advise clients, if they cannot wait, to not place an order.

Factory Method

This factory based method of service does NOT require any remote connection at all. The service is rendered by factory servers. The following services DO NOT require a remote connection:

  • Device Unlock App

  • IMEI Checker

  • iPhone Unlock

  • Unlock Codes

Factory Method Time Frame

The time frame for factory based services vary from service to service. Here is a general estimated breakdown:

  • Device Unlock App (7 - 15 Business Days)

  • IMEI Checker (15 - 30 Minutes)

  • iPhone Unlock (3 - 7 Business Days)

  • Unlock Codes (24 - 72 Hours)

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